Socially involved and committed

Stray Animals

Caribbean Tours
is socially involved and committed to the stray animals on the islands.

Caribbean Tours is very sympathetic towards all stray animals who often have to live in bad circumstances on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. We are very concerned about their fate and would like to do something to prevent them of suffering. Therefore we have selected a charity on each island where we are represented. On each island we have selected a foundation that strives to prevent animal suffering among dogs and/or cats. If you book a tour with Caribbean Tours, most tours will ask you during the check-out process if you want to make a small contribution This contribution is fully paid by us to the selected foundation of the island for which you book the tour. A contribution with which the relevant foundation can continue to work to prevent animal suffering under dogs and/or cats. Together for animals! Below you will find foundations that we support.

Stray Animals Aruba

On Aruba, Caribbean Tours annually selects a different non-profit animal organization that is committed to preventing animal suffering on the island. All collected contributions will be transferred to the selected foundation as a donation. 


Stray Animals Bonaire

On Bonaire, Caribbean Tours supports Fundashon Kunuku Kakelversbetter known as FKK. A foundation that takes in dogs and cats in need on Bonaire. These dogs and cats often come from a very difficult situation. FKK offers them shelter, healing and resocialization. They take in all dogs and cats that still have a chance with the aim of finding adopters for as many as possible, both on Bonaire itself and in the Netherlands. A foundation which we gladly support and which can use this well! 

Stray Animals Curacao

On Curacao Caribbean Tours supports the Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation. A professional foundation that has been working since 2014 to prevent animal suffering among kittens and cats on the island. Besides offering temporary shelter, the foundation focuses on the sterilization of as many stray cats as possible. An intensive and expensive task which we gladly help with. The foundation also runs a cat cafe next to the shelter that is open every Sunday between 15:00 - 18:00. Go check it out if you are on the island! 

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